Friday, August 12, 2005

Salt Lake City

I'm currently attending the Outdoor Retailer show in SLC, global headquarters for Mormon Central. This might be the weirdest place on earth as far as societal rules go. You see billboards with pro-polygamy messages, though the mainstream church says they are against it. You can also buy a local beer called "Polygamy Porter" with the ad line, "One is not enough!"

This is absolutly true! Utah has the strangest alchohol laws around and any beer brewed in the state has to be of a very mild content. I wind up quite bloated well before any satisfactory buzz arrives. I was told not to come here, "Leave the state, if you don't like it" by a very nice mormon.

For a religion that doesn't allow alchohol or coffee, there sure do seem to be bars and starbucks on every corner...owned by mormons.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of daily outrage and snark. I've actually been working.

Work, work, work!

That's what these shows are all about, of course. The girls in lycra, the Mariachi band, the free beer, all the toys a man could ever hope to have in the way of outdoor gear...all work. Hard work! Not as hard as clearing brush, but really hard work.

Gotta go...breakfast meeting...cooked to order eggs and strawberry pancakes.

Work, work, work!



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