Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Tonight at 8:00 eastern time, over 1400 candlelight vigils will support the families of our lost American Troops in Iraq. A friend will hold a private vigil as will I, so the number wiil be at least 1402.

Join us will you?



From Cindy Sheehan's blog...Look who is supporting her now!
....We are moving to a place that doesn’t have much shade and I put out an appeal for tarps and a soldier from Ft. Hood brought some to us that he “borrowed” from Ft. Hood for us to use. I have had a lot of soldiers from Ft. Hood come out and tell me to keep it up and that I am doing a good thing. We are doing this to honor Casey and the other fallen heroes in their memories. But we are doing it FOR the people of Iraq and the other soldiers who are in harm’s way right now. Right after we heard about the crosses last night, a Camp Casey volunteer found out that a pen pal she had in Iraq was KIA on August 12th. This has to stop, now. We will stop it.

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