Friday, August 05, 2005

Night Wind

August is the serious time of year.

Physics is the Law of God and cannot be denied. Religions make mutable proclamations they call laws but these get broken all the time...mostly by religious people, and mostly the laws about lying and stealing. But that is editorializing, and while I think it's significant, this particular problem is not what I am thinking about this morning.


The real laws never get broken...never!

I often speak of the language of god. The Law, Physics, is described by this language, and We humans have given this language a name


This is the most beautiful language ever devised,if that is how it came into existance, and it is not of human kind's creation.

Human's merely discover mathematics. And then, only after rigorous thought, and hard work, and critical argument, do humans manage to come to a semblance of agreement on this language. The beauty and purety of the language of god is that it never lies. Not only that, but it cannot be used to tell a lie, except temporarily. If I speak without mistake in the language to tell a story, it will be the exact story that someone else would tell even if we have never met and live in different parts of the world.

3 squared equals nine...everywhere in this whole freaking universe.

This, and many more things of even greater significance, is something that humans did not invent...but discovered!

The greatest human advances can be linked to mathematical discovery: newly uncovered words in the language of god. whereupon, humans then can use the new words to predict things in the physical world which cannot be false. Logarithyms, Integral Calculus, Differential equations, are but the first baby steps in speaking this language but even with these simple tools, available to every high school student, we can describe and predict the reality of our universe. We can begin to understand the cause and effect of physics, but there is a greater mystery we must solve in order to survive:

When there is a conflict between the word of god written in the physical universe for us to read and the word written in books and held up by the religious as holy...By what rule shall we resolve the conflict?

I lay awake in my bed last night, listening to the strong night wind. It is a simple and miraculous thing. Here at the very end of Whites Creek gorge, in the heat of August in Tennessee, we always have the night wind. It is a is "THE" Law.

Six hundred feet above this house, in the back yard, is the Cumberland Plateau and it is relatively flat. During the day the sun heats it with unerring regularity and then the night comes. The slightly cooler air in the gorge, which has been in shadow at least part of the day, begins to flow in the same direction as the water... downhill. The cooler air quickly collects in the lowest places, flowing downhill, and the night wind builds and builds until the morning sun brings its heat energy to halt the process.

Physics...God speak.

I can enjoy god speak as the night wind, a gift, sending me scrambling to the foot of the bed for the down comforter that lives there, even in August..

A serious time of year.