Friday, August 19, 2005


At last count, there have been over 1600 registered vigils supporting Cindy Sheehan's attempt to get George W. Bush to tell us why our kids are dying in Iraq.

This does not include the one in Whites Creek Gorge that consisted of me standing on the deck in the night holding my candle up high above my head until my arms hurt. It was raining but the candle burned brightly and never went out while I stood there.

Only after I had come back into my house and set the candle in its usual place, did I blow it out. In the darkness, I wondered what Cindy was feeling. What has she placed in that hole inside her being, left by the senseless death of her son, Casey? Thinking of my own two beautiful children, I tried to imagine how I would feel if they somehow had died under the circuumstance of a false war. It was a combination of blackness and rage that no one on this earth could escape.

The vigils were attended by well over 100,000 people , but that was nothing but a small protest. It is worth noting that the pro-war pro-President Bush counter protests organized at the same time did not even make a small blip on the radar screen.

Got that? The Pro War numbers were small to nonexistant. America does not support this war!

For the record, would you like to know what the largest protest in history was? According to the Guinness Book of World Records...

In 2003. Tens of Millions cheered on the largest mass movement in world history...the Protest against:

The war in Iraq!

We tried to tell you Bush was lying. What we did not know at the time was how great was his deception and how monumental was his incompetence.

Are you listening yet?




Sharon Cobb is a journalist turned blogger in Nashville. Here is a post I made on her site concerning Cindy Sheehan:

Cindy has street cred like nobody else. Perfect? Well, no, but I understand her grief and pain and motivation to make something rational of her son's death.

President Bush dies the death of a thousand cuts, with this as a large one. All he had to do is answer her one question, which he didn't do in their first meeting, which is "For what did my son die?"

It was the disingenuosness of Bush in the first meeting that propelled her to Crawford. This is not the crazy pot fueled antiwar protest march I first participated in 37 years ago, but the slow realization that the President of the United States has lied to all America and now cannot face us with the simple and honest answer as to why our children are dead.

Even in the red state of Tennessee, Bush retains the support of only a minority of citizens at this point in time. Only 26% or so "strongly approve".

Comgratulations, George! Your Presidency may go down in history as the greatest screw up of all time.


Check Sharon Cobb out:

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