Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Vultures at play

A partisan man well known for his ruthlessness on behalf of his personal special interests falls from grace. Well actually, "pushed" would be a better description. You can feel the love oozing out of his memoir:

"I considered Frist’s power grab a personal betrayal." ...Trent Lott

Lott had said nice things about Senatorial dinosaur, Strom Thurmond, whose vileness is still being discovered as people come forward with stories of his horrible behavior. Bill Frist cheerfully watched, as the scavengers ripped Lott apart, for what is ultimitely the smallest of his transgressions. Lott lost his Senate leadership position as a result, thereby furthering Bill Frist's ascencion.

Why is Lott surprised when the game he plays for his entire career yields its fruit? How else does he expect his corrupt cohorts to behave? They have no honor!...And Frist is their leader, now. Too bad, Trent. In a society of wolves, the fallen alpha dog is usually killed and eaten.

Consider yourself lucky, loser!



I was going to write about the Matlin Cousins in Texas. One, Larry, sees Cindy Sheehan and her group holding a religious service and thinks the Second Amendment gives him the right to fire his shotgun over their heads, scaring the crap out of everybody. "I'm tired of them", he said.

Then some fine young Texas Conservative sees the rows of crosses, 500 of them, dedicated to our American troops who died in iraq, and ties a chain to his pickup truck and runs over the crosses. No word on if there was a yellow ribbon on his tailgate.

Just when you are convinced Texans are exactly what they appear to be, the cousin of Larry the Shooter comes along and does something nice. Fred Matlin is a veteran. he lives closer to the Bush ranch and offers Camp Casey a new home...on his land.

If I keep meeting nice Texans, I may have top quit bashing them as a group. There may be more out there than just the ones I know of. Perhaps we should start a "Free Texas" movement.

Billmon does it better:

"When I heard about the lunatic in the pickup who mowed down the memorial crosses at Camp Casey, I have to admit, my first thought was: It's Texas, what the hell do you expect? We should just be happy he didn't tie one of the protesters to his bumper and drag him/her down the highway until body parts started to fall off...."


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