Saturday, August 06, 2005



A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

Fascists don't seem to read history books or they would all realize that damned few of them die peacefully in their old age as heroes. Eventually, there comes the "Bastille Day" in one form or another.

Can you feel it building up right now?

Rove is going down. Cheney will follow. Libby will go down. Rumsfeld will be humiliated. AShcroft has already been tossed and Lady Justice's breasts rein free, even if actual justice does not. DeLay will go down. McCain will rise up and be exposed as lacking the true fortitude to do what is right for America.

Eventually, some American hero will ask President Bush about why he protectedthe Al Queda terrorist, Al Zarqawi, from Saddam Hussein in Iraq, prior to the American invasion.

At present, Bush is building up Al Zarqawi as tantamount to Bin Laden, thereby proving that we should have invaded. What Bush didn't foresee, as if these people are capable of foreseeing anything real, is that Bush's own inner circle would prove to be so incompetent, that a small time operative like Al Zarqawi, would rise up to kick America's improperly equipped and led Army's rear end.

They are picking off our troops and there's nothing the phenominally incompetent Bushistas can do about it.

The Iraqi people have a new hero that the Americans have named, Juba. They don't know his real name, but they are afraid of him. He shoots Americans, and is very very good at it. Juba is a hero because all Juba Americans. Juba shoots one time and an American dies. Juba does not kill innocent civilans. From as far away as 200 yards, Juba has made clean kill after clean kill of an American looking out the view slot of his armored personel carrier...steeping out of a Humvee...walking down the street in full body armor, unaware that there is a small spot next to the spine which is not protected, that Juba can hit. Americans are scared of Juba. If this keeps up, George Bush and his minions will have succeeded in creating the first International heroic figure who's one claim to heroism is that he kills Americans!

Do you remember the Freeway sniper? Remember how scared everyone was? This is what American troops face in Iraq except for one thing...the Freeway sniper was evil. Everyone was afraid because no one knew who he would kill next.

Juba has done exactly the opposite for Iraqis. They are not afraid of him. He is their hero because, unlike the other combatants in Iraq, Juba only kills Americans. Juba, a sniper...a killer, is the one figure in all of Iraq that makes Iraqis feel safer.

Think about that!

And then ask yourself this:

Who will OUR heros be?






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