Friday, August 05, 2005

What's a yardarm for?

Novak is a piece of scum that I used to respect, once long ago. I beileved he had the interests of America in his heart, whether I agreed with him or not. AS we watch him disintegrate, let us hope he takes the evil entity that has infected the once patriotic Republican party down with him.

I knew Charlie would be on top of this even before I clicked on his link:

The Scribble

Novak walked, but not from anything Carville said. I think Novak cracked and ran off the show to escape the question he was about to be asked regarding his part in the destruction of an ongoing CIA operation that resulted in the death by execution of at least one American operative.

CNN has very conveniently given Novak a little "time off".

That's too bad. I want to see someone grill him in a venue in which he has to answer.

For too many years Novak has been able to sit behind his column and spout venom without having to answer for it. Stand up Bob! Have a little courage.

Go down with your ship!



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