Monday, August 15, 2005

Who's over whom?

The official blogger of the Knoxville News Sentinel is Michael Silence of No Silence Here. He's worth reading, for various reasons and he writes this in a piece called:

Give me a break!

"David Duke weighing in on Cindy Sheehan: Why Cindy Sheehan is Right!

I am now officially over this story.

Another reason I'm moving on: I’m appalled by the blog swarm surrounding Sheehan. The left is using her plight to espouse more anti-Bush rhetoric, and the right is demonizing a woman grieving over the loss of her child."

Posted by Michael Silence at August 15, 2005 11:12 AM

I felt the need to comment:

Cindy Sheehan has gotten done what the Mainstream Media has not, and that is to frame the Iraq war in terms so personal that every American must ask the same question:

"Tell us again...Why are we in Iraq? Now that my son is dead, it would help to understand how this is a good and moral thing."

See, the problem is: A good and moral thing, it ain't!

When we speak of the Mainstream Media (and that would be you, Mr. Silence)
in this instance, we still get to view their cowardice. Afraid to ask the question themselves, they can simply hold up a mike to someone else possessing the combination of deep loss and personal courage.

So Mr. Silence...Got any children of your own?

Ready to grow some courage?


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