Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sunday Funnies:

Liberals have more fun. Our jokes are certainly better and here's proof:

And be sure to notice the morbid displays of stupidity on Intelligent Design by the FundXtians this week. They are cleverly noted at several of these places.

The real reason Novak walked off the CNN set:


Medium Lobster loves freedom:

All of us love freedom, and all of us want to protect freedom, and surely to protect freedom it was necessary to tie Abed Hamed Mowhoush in a sleeping bag and an electrical cord, and surely to secure our basic liberties it was essential to beat him with a club and a length of rubber hose, and certainly it was vital to the preservation of our way of life to bludgeon him to death over a period of days in an interrogation room, just as it is critical to keep these and other methods of torture legal at all costs.

Irony served with seafood:


41 American warriors dies this week. No Biggie! Since George Bush didn't mention it in his radio speech, Billmon seems to think that George must have read the wrong speech and serves up the real one:


"Good morning. Like me, many across this great land are taking lengthy vacations this month, to escape the roasting hot weather made possible by my bold policy of global climate enhancement. However, it has been brought to my attention that a relatively small number of families are not enjoying the summer nearly as much as I am, because their fathers, mothers, brothers, sons and/or daughters have been wounded and/or killed in the

War of Heroic Action against Terrorism for the Future of a United Christian Kulture

-- or, as my NSC counterterrorism experts sometimes call it: W*** the ***K...."

It gets on:



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