Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ho, Ho, glurb...

I realize the Bush administration hates science. Science is based entirely on "facts" and everyone knows facts have a Liberal bias and should be ignored.

Facts supporting global warming, being totally biased against the Bush Administration, have been regularly edited out of reports from the EPA linking man-made greenhouse gases to climate change.

If I were an enemy of the United States, one thing I would try to do is destroy the US science education. This would cripple American business competiveness in a few years. Attack Science and favor rightwing religions...Yep! That would do it alright...That would cause the slow death of American technology.

But Science is a wonderful thing, not only providing fodder for an endless number of B Science Fiction movies, but entertaining us in fascinating ways.

Put aside those mental pictures of rubber aligators chomping down on nearly naked large breasted women on the Sci-Fi channel and consider this:

The fossils of crocodilians found in Brazil turn out to be related to fossil crocodilians found in Pakistan, for instance. Either they were danged good swimmers, or the concept of South America, Africa and the Middle East being part of the same land mass at one time has another unexpected bit of proof. Plate Techtonics explains volcanoes and crocodiles, ...Plate Techtonics also explains a jillion other things. like geology, and fits in nicely with Darwinian theory...But since it contradicts a few sentences in the Old Testament...Gotta go!

Here's something I noticed from my subversive science magazines: The magnetic North Pole has crawled away from Canada and has made it out into international waters north of Alaska. Canada must be reeling from the loss! I mean the U.S. has lost a few thousand troops in a stupid war, but that's nothing...

Canada lost the whole danged North Pole!

Santa Claus done left the building!

Holy Bleep! Santa!

The North Pole has gone under water. Anybody heard from Santa lately?

Damned Liberals and their science! They got Santa!



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