Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A big Damned Mess

The Bush war in Iraq will have such far reaching consequences for America and the world that it is difficult to guage just how great the historical significance will be. The nuclear weapons program in North Korea is a direct result of Bush incompetence driven by a flawed and childish ideology. Consider statements attributed to Kim Il Jong, of North Korea:

Hussein disarmed thinking that the United States would then leave him alone. When they came for him, he had nothing. The word of the United States is worthless.

The moment George W. Bush attacked Iraq, he guaranteed a war with North Korea. Not only that, but he guaranteed that the US would be unable to effectively fight this new war because of the Bush administration's massive incompetence in leadership (Had he listened to any of the Generals he fired, we would not be in this predicament)...And, by dropping out of the Clinton engagement with North Korea, he guaranteed that the war with North Korea would involve nuclear capability.

An odd spectacle that I would never have predicted, based on my obviously flawed estimate of his character, was the trotting out of John McCain to lie on George W. Bush's behalf. Nothing that ever goes wrong is Bush's fault...It is Bill Clinton's of course, and Hillary is the new incarnation of Satan. The Clinton policy was flawed but effective. The Bush policy is nonexistent.

Our only real hope may be for China to take out North Korea. Japan is on the verge of making one of those historical changes of course and amending their constitution to allow a military build up. I feel certain they can destroy North Korea but then what? A military Japan scares me, too.

Bottom line in all this bears thinking about.

Lost in the "All GAY, All the time" news coverage of the last few days is the announcement that Bush had lied about the number of civilian casualties in Iraq...Over 650,000. We have now caused the deaths of five times as many Iraqis as Saddam. Also lost were more resignations related to the Abramoff corruption and bribery scandal. In addition to incompetent, this republican administration is deeply corrupt, But that is only the disgusting part of their evil work. With our military bogged down in pointless destruction in the middle east fighting a nonexistant threat, it is unable to face the real one. The Administration of George W. Bush has set in motion events that can destroy, not only America, but the course of human events on this entire planet.

Bottom line is that George W. Bush is getting his ass kicked by the other blades on the windmill, too stupid to realize he fought the wrong war.

Here's an instructive Overview written in 2003




The Tennessee Senate race will be a squeaker. The National Republican party is now pouring millions into the state trying to hold on to power in the Senate. Bob Corker, he Republican Candidate is a classic Republican, having used his office of Mayor of Chattanooga to make more money during his term than he had in his entire life up to that point. He had a flirtation with the Immigration authorities when it was determined that his workers in a company he was involved with were illegals and were being paid below market wages, so his TV ads show him looking tall and marching tough in front of a fence at the Mexican border. Corker supports the 700 mile long ten foot high fence along a 2000 mile border, but I wouldn't be the least surprised if he hadn't started shipping 11 foot ladders to Mexico.

Corker is having a credibility gap in other areas also. The Iraq war is a most obvious flip flop:

"I think we do need to stay the course," Bob Corker, Sept. 13, 2005.

"And I think we should stay the course," Bob Corker, July 16 2006

"I have never said, 'stay the course' in Iraq," Bob Corker Oct. 7, 2006

Can you get away with this in Tennessee? I wouldn't bet against it.

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  1. I like what Kim Il Jong is doing as far as nuclear development is concerned. He is calling the almighty cowboy Bush out, and saying "I'm going to make nukes, and what are you going to do to me with the pathetic remnants of your army George?"
    Kim is just a nuclear renegade, and I respect anyone who gives the finger to Bush.