Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Time to drive a stake in its Heart...If it had one

The Tennessee Senate race is headed to the finish line with a huge last week in store. It looks to get even nastier from the Republican side, with their trolls spouting everything from

"Bob Corker single handedly built Chattanooga" (and pretty much all on his own land as Mayor), to "He never said stay the course and the debacle in Iraq is Clinton's fault anyway."

One thing I have thought about is that if you are tired of hearing the Republicans blaming everything bad on Bill Clinton, you just wait a few years and you'll hear Republicans AND Democrats blaming everyting bad...

on George W. Bush.

And that is the single most obvious reason to vote for Harold Ford Jr.

If the Republicans hold on to power in Congress,
Say goodbye to Social Security.
Say Goodbye to fiscal responsibility,
say goodbye to the environment,
Say goodbye to every General who has a clue about the war in Iraq,
say goodbye to what's left of the National Guard,
say goodbye to just about everything except the very very rich making more and more money and paying less and less taxes, and more conservative mean spirited blather.

Nasty folks, those conservatives.

You and I on the other hand, will be essentially screwed.

I'm optimistic that the American people are a little bit smarter than Karl Rove thinks, even if he does have Osama's head in a cooler ready to be held high on a stick before next Tuesday. I think America is tired of Republican leadership. Newspaper after Newspaper has come forward and endorsed the Democrat in race after race for a number of reasons which all boil down to...

"We endorse the candidate who is NOT the Republican!"




"I'd like to welcome President Clinton," he told the cheering crowd. "And I see she's brought her husband."
...Mick Jagger at President Bill Clinton's 60th birthday party.

This would have made the headlines in the mainstream media during the Clinton years:

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