Monday, October 23, 2006

You ain't nothing but..

And the night was long and dark and the people were of despair...but Now...

There is an animal rising up in our country and it's upset, disappointed, and feeling betrayed.

It's masters led it astray with promises of security and prosperity. It was told that it's family would be safer with war and happier with hatred and that the philosophy of Jesus just won't work in today's world. You can't run a world the way Jesus preached, the masters said. It's wrong to care about other people and it is wrong to disagree with us, your masters.

But the Masters were corrupt, and had predators in their ranks of one sort or another, and it did not matter that the predators were actually weak and immoral, for though the Masters knew of this evil, the masters needed the numbers of the evil ones to appear strong. For Without the predators and the other evil ones, the masters were too few in numbers to control the people.

And they heard the masters lie about war, about weapons that were terrible and frightening, but then there were no weapons. And they heard the Masters tell of prosperity and joy, but only the masters were getting rich, and then richer. And they heard the Masters say that secret prisons were good for safety, and that secret trials were good for safety, and that secret evidence was good for safety, but they people began to wonder if the only safety these things were good for was the safety of the masters.

And they heard about the secret software in the machines that would tell them who they wanted to govern them and how secrets were good if they were the masters secrets, but very bad if they were the secrets of others, so the masters must listen to your phone calls and know about the books you read because it is for the safety of the Masters, you see...And the Masters must be safe so that they can control the people...for their safety.

But the people began to be troubled by these secrets...And an election may have been stolen with these secrets but no one can be sure...And a war was begun and built upon lies but the true reasons for war became secrets...And the courts became secret, and the jails became secret, and the evidence against the prisoners became secret, and then there were secret workings of the great corporations who give vast amounts of money to the masters so that they could utter bad things about those who opposed them and the great corporations of the media would repeat those bad things but not the bad things about the masters...For the Masters also served the great media corporations and made them rich beyond imagination.

But the masters were arrogant in their own greed and pretended to clear brush and ride bicycles and be strong, but the warriors of the country were dying. The masters chose wrongly about a war they could not run.. and more warriors died. And our Nation became a debtor to China and Japan and Saudi Arabia (motherland of Osama) and debt, in unimagined quantities of money, was foisted upon generations. The masters borrowed and borrowed and gave the borrowed money to the great corporations and those who had much already but not the most of the people, for they would work harder for less and less, and the masters would prosper.

And the Masters were corrupt in their ways serving only themselves...But the master's corruptness shall become known except to those who do not wish to know and choose blindness.

To the others...Those who will let the scales fall from their eyes, there will come anger and retribution. It will come on November 7th, 2006.

And a new beast will arise and join with the others of the people...their numbers shall leave from the Masters and shall become our numbers and light will be shown upon the Masters as dawn upon the vampire, and the hound of the dawn shall make a mighty noise at the new day...And this Hound of the new day shall be called, Blue Dog Republican, and shall vote for the Democrat. In this way will the Masters shall be removed as the vampire becomes as ash.

Can I get an Amen, Brothers and Sisters?

WE must love the Blue Dog Republicans as if they were our own. For through them will shine the light of the new day.



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