Thursday, October 19, 2006

I've been thinking again.

I realize that some of you hit the delete key as soon as you read that. I have been trying to define the difference between Republicans and Democrats. I mean we all know that if you watch a group of Dems you'll see that they aren't in step and march to different drummers even within their own groups. At the Harold Ford gathering last Monday one of the striking aspects of the crowd was being able to see a man in a thousand dollar suit chatting with a man in overalls. At the one Republican event I went to this year, I saw men in thousand dollar suits talking to men in fifteen hundred dollar suits and there wasn't a plastic watch in the room...No overalls...even the Mayor of Kingston who actually wears overalls had on an expensive suit. He knows he'd better stay in line.

And that's the difference. Republicans bend over and hand the Bush administration every thing they want... Democrats don't.

The Republican party cannot manage our country. They've not done well on the economy except for the very very rich people who are funding the Republican re-election campaign. or much of anything...But they are all in step, marching eye's right, legs straight out, goose stepping proudly.

They've not done well on the environment, health care, public schools, college costs,

Republicans have totally screwed us on the war against terror. There was a terrorist tumor in Afghanistan and they botched the operation. Instead of cutting it out, they opened up the patient, hacked up a bunch of internal organs, and left the tumor alone so it could metasticize to Pakistan. They did everything except take in a feed bag full of oats for Osama's horse. After that, the Republicans went to another country and hacked off the wrong leg to help it walk better.

And the Republican President spent trillions doing this...and put it on YOUR credit card!

And the Republican legislators let him do it...and then they hid the credit card statement from you.

So it really boils down to this:

Republican means all about ME...And Democrat means US.

The Democrats are far from perfect and I don't see that leader we all hope for yet emerging from our long night, peering over the horizon to signal the new day...But Democrats aren't Republicans and that is more than enough for step one in saving our country.

Republicans offer us nothing that will stop the lawlessness of the Bush Administration. They are beyond hope and deserve nothing from us. They are rich enough, and frankly, if the Democrats don't re take power very soon, there will be nothing left for Republicans to steal.

In order to save the Republican's asses, this country must vote the Democrats into power this time around. The path for America is through the Blue door.



And hide the true numbers of dead and injured Americans from you.

I have a link to the Rude Pundit at my blogsite but I don't often tell you to go there. I figure you are old enough to make your own decisions, even those of you who are republicans and have thereby demonstrated that you don't make very thoughtful decisions...You're still old enough.

Rude has come up with a simple test that lets you determinie where you stand on the Iraq war:


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Very good, Steve. Us or me. So true.


  2. "Republican means all about ME...And Democrat means US."

    I've always said the differences can be characterized with two simple words - imagination and empathy. Foreign concepts to Republicans.