Friday, October 13, 2006

The Question

Did Poppy Bush bring in the Family Consigliori, James Baker, to save his son's rear end? Baker went public and immediately contradicted the W party line and shot down that "Stay the Course" recipe for disaster prolonged. This amuses me in a perverse way, since it was the Supreme Court effort masterminded by James Baker that put George Herbert Walker Bush's meanest and most arrogant child into the Presidency.

Of Course Fox News can only worry about homosexuals but the virtual rear ending of a few 16 year old boys, while repugnant and disgusting, is nothing compared to the other messes the Republcans have created under W. I think the bumper sticker says it best:

Name One Thing He's Done Right?


Molly has her take on this

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  1. It would have been better if George H. W. Bush had stayed away. He's the one who allowed this situation to unfold. He left the job undone in 91, and now his Secretary of State wants to leave the job undone again. It's ridiculous. Iraq needs to be finished once and for all, not putting it off another 15 years again.

    Also, Fox news is not the only news outlet covering the Mark Foley Scandal. I also do not think they are obsessing over it more than anyone else. The broadcast networks love the story also.