Saturday, October 14, 2006

October Morning

Our eleven year old cat is out on the deck bowing up at monsters and dancing round attacking leaves like it was a kitten. It's 31 degrees outside, I've got my dead sheep slippers on and the second fire of the year is burning hot in the woodstove.


The hot tub is going to feel extremely nice.

Here in the Whites Creek gorge there is about 700 feet of elevation change visible on the hill across from the house. We can watch Fall color move from top to bottom as the vaious species of trees do their thing. So far this looks to be a promising year with dogwoods, sourwoods, and soft maples already starting the show. Interestingly, a Virginia creeper vine has the deepest wine red color so far.

There's a momma mantis hanging upside down in a nastutium plnant on the deck and she's all puffed up with her eggs. I've been watching her for a few days and she hasn't moved that I can tell. Soon she'll find a spot to deposit her eggs and she'll disappear. The egg casing will sit quietly for five months until warm weather returns and releases several hundred little green predators back into the world.

Eat... Survive...Reproduce...It's the meaning of life...And it is enough.



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