Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Great Bill Moyers piece on PBS last night. I'm fairly sure Grover Norquist is the anti-christ. What they didn't do was give us the legislation we need to pass to get our government back to the people and out of the clutches of corporations, foreign governments, and people like Grover, DeLay, Abramoff, and Bush. Access to legislation should not be according to campaign contributions.

Sick people shooting innocent kids has become a trend. Watching the coverage I want them to say what disgusting people these killers are, unfit to have ever walked amongst humanity. I want their faces to be spit upon by history. I don't care what the world has done to you, exacting your retribution by hurting the innocent is a vile, vile, act. Taking it out on the innocent comes from the same source as blaming your actions on others. "I was molested by a priest so it's not my fault."


FACT: 98% of molested males and 99.6% of molested girls are victims of HETEROsexuals.

Since homosexuals are somehwere between 4 and 10 percent of all people that would mean that your child is 2 to 5 times safer with a homosexual than a heterosexual. I don't believe this holds true if they are wearing a beanie cap and a robe. Sorry for those offended.

Bob Woodward was spectacular on CNN last night, pointing out that Bush 1 is still lying. While it is nice to think about Hastert resigning, let's all remember that this eruption is obscuring the Republican failures in nearly everything we hold dear in America except for those in power getting filthy rich.

They've done a good job at that. This is why Bob Corker wants to be a Senator. He only managed to make millions while he was Chattanooga Mayor and has much higher aspirations...Frist made nearly a Billion for himself and his family as Senate leader. I don't know, Bob...That's setting the bar pretty danged high.

The education system in Iraq is collapsing.

"The Christian Coalition stands behind Hastert"...There's a headline for you!

Moonie church owned Washington Times newspaper says Hastert has to resign.

Hastert will resign. The only question is timing.

And finally, in the biggest instance of intitutional assholery I know of, the Tennessee Baptist Convention is suing Belmont University for $57 million because they have decided to allow non-Baptists to serve on their board. "There is no place in higher learning fro the impure" is the message from the Baptists. "There is no place in higher learning for those who would distort and hide the truth" says Belmont. Belmont University is in Nashville, TN and hosted the annual meeting of the Tennessee chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

We'll be watching.

Famous Republican male prostitute Jim Guckert,aka Jeff Gannon, who spent roughly 100 nights in the Whitehouse before being exposed, will be interviewed on Air America Radio today at 5:30 by Randi Rhodes. That's not her real name either, but I expect her to ask two questions:

Who were you servicing at the Whitehouse?

Who got on top?



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