Thursday, October 26, 2006

Support our Troops!...Vote Democrat!

In the Tennessee Senate race several interesting things have come to light.

Of course I know about the racist ad by the Republican candidate Bob KKKorker but that's not what I'm talking about (and No! that was not KKKorker's daughter in that ad asking Harold Ford to "Call me"...Her My Space ad shows her frenching another girl anyway)

The interesting thing is the hollowness of Republcan talking points. Republicans simply don't do any of the things they claim they do...All Republicans are actually good at is making ads and sounding tough on TV. Take those bumper stickers that say "I Support George Bush and our Troops"...Yep, that's an oxymoron, contradiction in terms, or whatever you want to call it. You can't support Republicans and our troops at the same time.

Not just because the Bush Administration lied and continues to lie about the war ( all the while taking us down a disasterous foreign policy course...can you say North Korea?) but because they actually don't give a flying flip about our troops! These brave Americans are dying for George Bush. Two more Tennessee men just died. They will be shipped home in a flag draped coffin inside the cargo hold of an airplane and republicans have made it a criminal act to take a picture of the final military honor of a dead soldier coming home. This may be because Americans would be outraged if they saw pictures of these dead warriors being shoved around by fork lifts like just another pallet load of freight.

No you can't support our troops and vote Republican at the same time for the simple reason that Republicans DON'T Support Our Troops!

In an evaluation of Senate voting records since 2001 Republicans have consistantly been second to Democrats. Not one single Republican beat one single Democrat in evaluations by a veteran's group.

Legislative proposals included veterans' benefits, healthcare, and medical research dedicated towards injured soldiers (head injuries, etc.) Based on these votes, IAVA calculated which senators and congressmen had a history of supporting the troops, and which didn't, and graded them on a curve.

The Report

Lamar Alexander got a D rating...Bill Frist?...Even worse than Lamar but he still managed to squeak out a D...Senator John McCain? Worse than either of our fine examples of Republican virtue.

So here's the truth: If you care about American Troops... I mean really care about what happens to the people who serve their country and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for you and me...You have no choice.

You have to vote for the Democrat!



Best quote this week comes from a Chattanooga policeman:

"You know what I hate most about Bob Corker is the fact that he is making me vote for a Democrat!"

The Police and Firemen from Corker's own town have endorsed Harold Ford...Think about that!

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  1. Jeff Dionne-Dickson12:06 PM

    the voices against the Bush handling of the war are numerous and far-flung. I grew up in a small town in waaaay upstate New York - a place where a Democrat could not win an unopposed election for dogcatcher - a place that sits on the outskirts of a major military base. Even there, the editorials in the local papers are calling for change.