Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Electing Republicans...Bad Idea!

Republicans are Hell bent to destroy Social Security.

Actually, they say they want to "Save" Social Security...But we all know that will work the way they "Saved" Iraq"...

In an interview with Marisa Bartiromo of MSNBC, President George Bush said that the privitization of Social Securiy will be back on the Republican agenda. That will essentially destroy Social Security, the most successful government program in the history of America.

From AARP:

A new AARP survey finds that boomer+ voters (age 42 and older) are strongly opposed to using Social Security taxes to fund private accounts. More than seven in ten of those polled (72 percent) said they oppose private accounts. Less than one in six (16 percent) of those polled said they support such accounts.

Oddly, the only attack ads about this so far are by Republicans who mischaracterize what the AARP has said. When will this issue go front and center? If Republicans keep control, they'll do everything they can to take the money and give it to their friends.

Currently, Your social security assets are held in the form of Treasury certificates, not cash. George Bush spent your cash on his war, and now, he's borrowing over $6000 a second to fight the war in Iraq. (Well over half a million of your tax dollars in the time it will take for you to read this rant)

And why do Republicans hate Social Security so much?

Republicans just can't stand seeing a pile of money they can't steal.



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