Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blog Report from Knoxville

AS the Republicans prepare to cut and run, you may notice that the Republican frame of cut and run has cut and run...Yesterday we heard the general say that we may cut and run or may not cut and run in 12 to 18 months...

Iraq is a disaster, the deaths of over 3000 Americans, and 3000 life altering head injuries to Americans, and seriously wounding of 20,000 Americans lay the ground work for the Republicans to CUT AND RUN...Unless you're George Bush and Bob Corker, who never said Stay the Course...

Who votes for these creeps? A lot of fooled people who won't vote for them again, apparently. is a community blog for East TN although it is certainly Knox-centric since it is hosted by South Knox Bubba, whose stage name is Randy Neal. I post there a good bit. Randy is a fine photog as these shots of the Harold Ford and Jimmy Duncan events.

On other matters, if anyone still had the slightest question about Rush Limbaugh being a complete piece of slime, his comment that Michael J. Fox was faking his Parkinson's Disease for the camera should dispell any lingering doubts. How can a man who admits to all sorts of criminal behavior, drug abuse, and seems proud of his viagra fueled visits to Dominican Republic sex shops, have the gall to attack Michael J. Fox?

Don Imus just called Rush a sonofabitch drug addict and chicken crap for making his maid buy drugs for him. They played the tape of Rush jerking around and making fun of Fox.

What a creep...

Rush owes his career and fortune to serving the Republican slime machine and it is time for him to shut up and slink off down the rat hole in the cesspool he inhabits.



"Elections are only a few weeks away and it looks like the Republicans are going to lose a lot of them. I guess desperate times require desperate measures. [on screen: RNC's TV ad depicting another terrorist attack by Osama bin Laden, followed by a reminder to vote 11/7].

Let me get this straight. Osama bin Laden is threatening to attack America again, so what we should do is vote for the people who haven't been able to catch him for the last five years?." --Jimmy Kimmel

"In Las Vegas, a 32-year-old mother told police that Republican Congressman Jim Gibbons, who is running for governor in Nevada, got drunk, put his hand on her thigh, complained about his marriage and then tried to have sex with her in the parking garage.

A congressman trying to have sex with an adult woman? This is the best news Republicans have had in years." --

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