Monday, October 16, 2006

Evil Tool

Few things amaze me more than the incredible meanness of Conservatives...Not even the incredible lengths these Right Wing creeps will go to in order to lie and mislead and justify the manifestations of their hatred. Consider this statement by the chief operations man for Dr. James Dobson, a thoroughly "Conservative Christian man" :

“When we elevate tolerance and diversity to the guidepost of public life,” he said on Fox News Channel, “this is what we get — men chasing 16-year-old boys around the halls of Congress.”

...Tony Perkins, The Family Research Council

We are to only tolerate our own kind of bigot, apparently. Somewhere in my reading of the New Testament I must have missed that part.

The Knoxville News Sentinel publishes Dobson's column on a regular basis wherein Dr. Doson gives out all sorts of helpful guidance for fundamentalists such as the exact type of stick to use in order to properly beat children. I assume things like that are the reason for the "Research" in the group's name. In addition to the proper diameter of corrective rods, perhaps they are also researching Kevlar chastity belts, now that modern composite technology has surpassed 14th century metallurgy.

Conservative Christians, an oxymoron if ever there was one, have been the tool of the Bush adminstration, operating as the slavering attack dog whenever moderation and tolerance rears its apparently evil head. "See what happens?" Dobson's lackey says. "When we promote tolerance, men quit chasing sixteen year old girls around the Halls of Congress, like they are supposed to."

The real problem with Nancy Pelosi is that she is a woman, apparently. Same with Hillary. Perkins and Dobson are calling for a purge of homosexuals from the Republican party...Women, Blacks, and Jews will be next.





  2. I have a problem with "celebrating diversity" and "tolerance" as a means of promoting American individualism to a fanatical state. As a citizen of this country, individualistic behavior is the basis of being American. There is no sense of comradery among my fellow Americans, any sense of nationalism has become almost completely absent. Concepts like "Tolerance" and "Cultural Diversity" result in extreme individualism and apathy toward one's countrymen. It is part of human nature to be able to identify with familiarity, and to fight this primitive (but inescapable) tendency is a quick way to societal decadence. There should not be an overwhelming sense of nationalism (outcome well-exhibited by Nazi Germany), but nationalism should not be completely absent either (United States' scenerio).
    Humanity is not ready for a utopian society where all races/sexualities/religions/etc. live in harmony. This puts overwhelming pressures on current society structures, which will push them past the point of functionality. We, as humans, have not evolved to that point yet. That is why in our current biological state of conciousness, socialism is the most feasible way to remain productive and progress to a more advanced existence. If anyone can prove me wrong, I would be very grateful.
    Going back to my original point, there seems to be no cummunal identity in this country, and I think it is due to radical individualism resulting from pushing humanity's social limits with concepts like "celebrating diversity" and "tolerating" others. With this mindset, why should anyone in this country care about anyone else? Everyone just sticks to themselves and has no nationalistic identity.
    The pseudo-identity in America is defined by money, which will be a major contributor to this country's downfall---greed!

  3. The current problem is that intolerance is becoming highly tolerated and the free are not speaking their mind out as much as they used to. I think since the dawn of democracy, the world had never taken so many steps backwards (regarding individual's freedom) as it did during "the war on terrorism" and no one seems to care!