Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Court TV...You Ready for This?

This is almost funny. It's the Bush Administration channels the Keystone Kops. The rats are so busy trying to cover their own tails they're cutting off the tails of therir own personal protectors.

The question is not whether Alberto Gonzoles will keep his job as Attorney General, the betting is on what exact date he''ll leave. And the line keeps moving the date closer and closer.

The new line is whether he will join John Mitchell, of Watergate fame, and become the second Attorney General of the United State to go to jail.

Oddly, George Bush can't keep his story straight either. He's behind the curve. At a press conference in Mexico he made the statement that the firings were just a routine personel move. Bush made that statement today...but actually, that claim was shot down yesterday.

Every day we hear more calls for impeachment.

So...Do you think those Mayan Preists will come up here and purify the White House for us after he's gone?

Just Askin'

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