Friday, March 09, 2007


From the Washington Post:

American conservatism is a house divided against itself. It applauds
the radicalism of the economic changes of the past four decades -- the
dismantling, say, of the American steel industry (and the job and income
security that it once provided) in the cause of greater efficiency. It decries
the decline of social and familial stability over that time -- the traditional,
married working-class families, say, that once filled all those churches in the
hills and hollows in what is now the smaller, post-working-class

Problem is, disperse a vibrant working-class community in America
and you disperse the vibrant working-class family.

Which is how American conservatism became the primary author of the
very social disorder that it routinely rails against, and that Republicans have
the gall to run against.

The party of family values? Please. If that's the banner that Republicans continue to wave, then they should certainly make Rudy Giuliani, who couldn't bestir himself to attend his son's high school graduation or his daughter's high school plays, their presidential nominee.

No candidate could better personify the sham that is Republicans' and conservatives' concern for the American family.

Why is the Washington Post picking on the GOP frontrunner? Isn't he a good Conservative?

Rudy's a three times married Catholic, first time to his cousin, lived in sin with his lover in the Mayor's mansion when he was mayor of New York at the same time his wife was living in the back of the same house. When he got tossed out of the mansion he bunked with some gay friends of his.

Rudy Giulliani is a hero for his masterful use of the 9-11 photo-op making people forget all about the fact that the reason the Firemen and Police couldn't talk to each other in a national crisis was because Rudy wouldn't authorize buying them radios that could actually communicate with each other, hundreds of people died as a result, but hey...Didn't Rudy look Presidential on TV? It's all about the picture and has nothing to do with the corruption and incompetence, after all.

I mean these people are Republicans...Of course they're crooked. Of course they're incompetent. And, Of course they have disfunctional families. It's not their fault...I mean most of them were raised by Republicans.

The Bush twins are a prime example. How can we look down on their self destructive behavior when they have a dad who is doing his best to destroy planet earth and has publicly stated he plans to die and leave them with the problem?

That would screw anybody up.



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