Friday, March 16, 2007

The Cowardly Lyin'

Well over half of the American electorate says theywould favor the impeachment of President Bush if it were found that Bush had lied in order to lead America into war.

President Bush LIED in order to lead America into war...There, that should do it.

As I watch the media coverage of the Congressional hearings that will start today and which will include Valerie Plame's testimony, I keep yelling at the TV to point out the reason the White House was cowardly destroying the career of a covert CIA agent who was running a front corporation for the CIA whose main mission was to determine what WMD's were in the hands of What Middle Eastern Country. So far the little people on the screen appear to be morbidly stupid.

They say things like "Democrats in Congress are attempting to make political fodder out of the Plame hearings," which is a quote from this morning's NPR.

"Poltical fodder" was what President Bush was feeding the American Press when his operatives tried to destroy the reputation of American Hero, Ambassador Joe Wilson. Joe Wilson, at great personal cost, told America the truth and exposed one of Bush's main arguments for creating fear in the minds of Americans. this was Bush's famous, "Mushroom cloud" boogeyman that Saddam was suppose to be ready to drop on America. Saddam had not tried to obtain uranium from Niger, had no nuclear program, and there could not and never could be a "Mushroom cloud."

Bush knew it and lied about it in his attempts to mislead America into the Iraq war.

Wilson exposed Bush's lie and was immediately attacked by Karl Rove with the aid and assistance of the American media, who published every uttering of the administration's operatives without so much as a whimper of reluctance. The sound America heard was the contented "moo" of the media herd being fed political fodder.

What the rest of America got was manure.

I think it is time to ready the knives at the abbottoire.



Ernest Partridge makes a sound argument FOR impeachment of trhe Bush Administration in this Crisis Papers essay.

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  1. Well said. Let's hope this, combined with the Federal Prosecutor case, will finally be the Republican undoing.

    Nice to see the Democrats being a little more aggressive in pursuing these issues. We may finally have enough hammers to drive in the last of the seemingly endless procession of nails.