Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Miss d'Meaner

Now we find out that at least one of the fired Federal Prosecutors lost his job at the order of President George W. Bush because he wouldn't manipulate a federal investigation for political purposes.

Things are getting really weird in Bushworld. And Now, we find out for sure that Harriet Miers is way beyond evil,

You remember Harriet? Supreme Court nominee Harriet who thought Bush is the smartest man she ever met? Ms. Miers is the personal lawyer who buried George Bush's DWI rap and was the White House Special Counsel for George Bush, apparently in charge of the Department of Disruption of Democracy in America.

Albert Gonzoles is going to be relieved of his position as Attorney General of the United States of America, but not because he is the architect of America's torture program and the eliminated the Geneva Conventions, thereby removing any pretense that America is a beacon of civilization. No, Alberto is going to be ditched because he fired seven or eight federal Prosecuters for not attacking Democrats hard enough just before last November's elections. The Bush Administration has moved the job of enforcing America's Federal law from the top of the Justice Department's list to the bottom, and replaced it with the job of attacking Democrats in order to help Republicans stay in power. Democrats have been investigated at a rate of about 4 to 1 over Republicans under Alberto. Republicans have been indicted and sent to prison at about the same rate, which is very very odd. Statistically, that means that Republicans are 16 times more guilty than Democrats.

I wonder how many Republicans would be in jail if the same number of them were investigated as Democrats? The odds say 64 times as Republican jailbirds. But don't worry...Alberto is protecting America from Harriet Miers, who was so pissed off at the Justice Department's failure to put Democrats in jail, whether they were guilty or not, that she wanted every single Federal prosecutor fired! Every single one of them. Harriet wanted all of them replaced with more compliant prosecutors who would indict all the right people, just before election time.

See...Republicans have been seriously working to suppress the vote in Democratic areas and blowing smoke over this by announcing investigations into voter fraud by Democrats. Not one single investigation into Dems has turned up any wrong doing. Not one! But Republicans sit in jail right this very moment for this very thing. Even though the Justice Department will investigate a Dem at the drop of an email and needs a Grand Jury Bill to mess with a Republican.

This is a base corruption of the very fabric of America's justice system for political purposes. Now, Karl Rove's name has turned up as having demanded the firing of prosecutors who wouldn't use their offices for political purposes. Out of 93 Federal Prosecutors, they only had to fire 8. These Prosecutors "chafed against Administration initiatives, etc."

Administration Initiatives?

Such corrupt political operations have no place whatsoever in the Department of Justice. Gonzoles will resign soon, but think about this. President Bush nominated Harriet Miers for Supreme Court Justice. She withdrew her name becasue she wasn't crazy enough for Right Wing Conservatives.

What damage would Harriet Miers have done to the fabric of America had she been appointed to the Supreme Court?

Now we find out that at least one of the fired Federal Prosecutors lost his job at the order of President George W. Bush because he wouldn't manipulate a federal investigation for political purposes.

I don't like what it says about America, but I feel it is now time to begin a top down impeachment of the Bush Administration. I cannot find a single one who is not guilty of "High Crimes" much less Misdemeanors.

Miss d' Meaner?

Is that what they call Harriet Miers behind her back? Or is she proud of it?





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