Friday, March 02, 2007

Dead fish and Long Arms


I was going to be outraged and write about the Bush Administration's theft of the Land and Water Conservation fund money from this year's federal budget...but it is just too nice a day for me to muster up too much moral outrage.

We need to deal with this slap in the face by Republicans, of course, but maybe later. Right now we have blue sky, sunshine, and chorus frogs making whoopee in Lake Steve. A word to the girl frogs...The boys will tell everyone within a quarter mile if you hop into their puddle. Do what you must but be aware they're gonna brag.

I was reading cool stuff in my Audubon rag this morning.

Saw where Chinese veterinarians were unable to remove some bits of plastic from their two star dolphin performers at the water park in Fushun. Medical instruments were inadequate to the task so they called this guy, Bao Xishun. No, he's not a dolphin medical expert, he's a sheep herder but he has the longest arms in China. he just reached down the dolphins' throats and pulled the offending plastic pieces out of their stomachs.

Apparently he has wiped off the slime, returned to his sheep, and the dolphins are doing quite well.

Now for a who dunnit solved:

2.5 million years ago, a child of a human ancestor was murdered. The body of the three year old Taung child was discovered in 1924 with grusome injuries to it's skull. Similar injuries have been found on skull specimens of modern mangabeys, an African primate. Adult mangabeys weigh about 25 pounds, the same as the Taung child would have weighed when it was killed. The culprit? Crowned eagles. So the story of eagles eating human children is true in at least one case.

Luckily, the Baldies that fly by my house every morning seem like they prefer road kill and dead fish to babies. I think they're just to damned lazy to kill anything.



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