Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Liberal Blogs Save America

Hey, traditional media...You failed your country but don't worry. "Liberal" Bloggers will save your sorry ass.

But could you at least just get out of their way?

The term "Liberal" has been used as a derogatory term, hurled about as an insult by Conservatives, who mostly have no idea what it means. If someone opens their mouth and a some inconvenient truth (to coin a phrase) comes out, rather than acknowlege the damage and correcting the problem, Conservatives just fling "Liberal" in the direction of the facts as if that makes them false. A normally intelligent human being could see right through this misdirection play which in the past has been the province of four year old delinquent children. They could see right through it if the folks, who are supposed to point out half truths and whole lies and replace them with the truth...That would be the Traditional Media...Don't do their job.

The Traditional Media pounced on the outrageous statements of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, even though it was a group totally funded by Republicans and the claims ultimately proved to be false. Swift Boaters were nothing but a pr stunt which only proved damaging to a legitimate war hero like John Kerry because the Traditional Media turned coward. What is the truth of John Kerry's war record? Rambo was a chickenshit loser compared to John Kerry, who can still set off the detectors at any old airport with the shrapnel he carries around inside his knee.

Thank you, Traditional Media, for making sure America knows that.

The same can be said of George W. Bush's war record. Well, we could say it except for one little problem...

George W. Bush doesn't have a war record...It's gone.

Why? Because his buddies, who just happen to be connected with the Swift Boaters, erased it. What we do know of it leads us to understand that Bush was relieved of his duties in time of war. He refused to take his Air Force physical and had his flight status revoked. George W. Bush didn't show up for duty.

Thank you, Traditional Media, for making sure America knows that.

President Bush made the statement, "I know that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11."

Thank you, Traditional Media, for making sure that over half of the people of the United States of America are so damned ignorant that they believe Saddam had a direct hand in the bombings.

Now we have the Chief of Staff of the Vice President of America's conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice. We have the Knoxville News Sentinel making the absurd statement that "No underlying crime has been committed."

Let's see...The President and the Vice President of the United States made a case for war by telling a lie. Ambassador Joseph Wilson, at great risk to himself and his career, had the courage to speak out and tell America the truth. Got that?

Bush and Cheney LYING, Joe Wilson telling the TRUTH.

Thank you, Traditional media, etc.

Enter hit man Scooter Libby. Scooter did what Republicans do when they are caught the lying. Scooter told another lie, attacking not one Joe Wilson, but his wife, Valerie Plame. With Karl Rove directing the action, Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby USED the Traditional media to destroy the career of Valerie Plame as a covert CIA operative in order to attack her husband. this may go down in history as the most cowardly act ever in American politics. I suspect that at some point, Joe Wilson would have personally strangled the Vice President of the United States if he could have goten close enough to his undisclosed location where the coward hides out. Any real man would have considered a similar action has his wife been attacked by these vermin.

Scooter lied to Federal investigators under oath several times. He was trying to hide the fact that his boss had lied to America in order to start a war. Hundreds of thousands of human beings are now dead and there looks to be no good way out of the mess these people have created. Every time these jerks utter the phrase "cut and run" it is repeated in the traditional media all over America.

Now we find out that the Bush Administration has been using the Federal Prosecutors' offices to implement phony voter fraud investigations against Democrats and only Democrats. 80% of Federal Prosecutor investigations have been against Democrats. 20% against Republicans. How many Democrats have been charged as a result?


The Bush Administration has apparently been following the book in running the country. Apparently the book is called: "The Gambino Family guide to Success", with an introduction by Frank Gotti.

Heads are going to roll. Resignations have already happened in the Attorney General's office and more are expected. The Attorney General could well go to jail for perjury. We almost had one of these creeps appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States! Maybe I should say, Another one.

But thanks to the TRADITIONAL MEDIA we now know about all this and right will be done. Well, no.

None of this was investigated by the Traditional Media. They ignored it all. "Screw You, America. Look over here," the Traditional Media said, "A dead Playboy model and her, who knows who the father is, baby!"

Thank You, Traditional Media, for showing us exactly why we have fought all these centuries to preserve the Freedom of the Press. But don't worry, folks, Bloggers will save America. Let me correct that actually...

Liberal Bloggers!

Essentially all of this was brought to light by Liberal bloggers. Chief among those is Josh Marshall. While reptilian scum like Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and George Bush hide in dark places, We must be grateful for American Heros like Josh Marshall for shining the light of truth for our Country.

Find your soul, American Press.

The Enemy is inside the gate.




  1. Very well said, my friend. :)

    Nothing for me to add, which is highly unusual.

  2. great often I've wondered, where's the press? Jeff Gannon scandal, Matt Sanchez-speaking out about 'liberals' as if being liberal was something odious...and THEIR identities being revealed by bloggers...