Saturday, March 03, 2007

We're doomed!

Let's see...

Jurors are debating the fate of Scooter Libby in an obstruction of justice trial in which testimony strongly suggested that the Vice President of the United States has committed treason.

The mistreatement of American war wounded, which has been known for several years, finally bubbled to the top of the Washington Post's attention span, getting the Secretary of the Army, who's previous experience in managing something like the most powerful Military in the world, seems to be as a Vice chairman of a company that managed hazardous waste for the Military. His Secretary of the Army website has this little gem:

"Secretary Harvey's number one priority is the well being of Soldiers and their

The Secretary of Defense has responded immediately by ordering wounded troops incarcerated at Walter Reed not to talk to anyone about the deplorable conditions. This is the same effective method used by Donald Rumsfeld in cleaning up the abuses at Abhu Graib...He banned digital cameras!

At a huge Conservative gathering featuring Dick Cheney and Giuliani, Mitt Romney pointed out what a "Good thing" it was for the gathering to hear from Anne Coulter, who promptly raised the level of conservative discourse by calling John Edwards a "faggot".

The Pearl Harbor Day Massacre had at least seven federal Prosecutors fired for enacting pollitically motivated legal proceeding in time to help Republican candidates in last November's election. This one is boiling to the point of erruption since it seems to implicate Alberto Gonzalez in providing false testimony to Congress.
subpoenas have been issued.

Serious observers are very concerned that the Bush Administration is hellbent on starting a nuclear war in Iran.

As a result of all of the above....The Number One News item of the week was the funeral of Anna Nicole Smith.

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