Monday, March 12, 2007


This is the highest and best use of the Internet tubes. I have enjoyed this for months, but hesitated to share because I figure this one link alone will reduce productivity in America by several percentage points. It's like wandering around in a combination Modern Art musem and interactive mental health ward.

And it's from Knoxville.

Now for the morning rant.

Dick Cheney's Halliburton has become so openly anti-American, flouting so many American laws that it has come out of the closet and is leaving town.

Could we get some our money back before they cut and run? Do we have an extradition treaty with Dubai?

Halliburton to Move Headquarters To Dubai

DUBAI -- U.S. oil services giant Halliburton Co. will shift its corporate headquarters from Houston to Dubai, Chief Executive Dave Lesar said Sunday.
Shouldn't we immediately cancel all contracts with Halliburton as a result of this? The real reasons for Halliburton's change of patriotism is simple. Having screwed the United States out of everything it can get,

Halliburton is going to follow the money .

The Bush administration is still using the Friday night last second news dump for bad information whether it is merely embarrassing or truly evil. Events that would make national headlines are thus swept under the rug. So while Halliburton has mishandled, overcharged, flat out stolen, whatever, about $9 Billion bucks and counting, Bush wants to give them more. Friday afternoon he had delivered a letter to Congress asking for over $3 Billion to be cut from Domestic spending and sent to Iraq.

What does Bush want to cut?

Rural Business enterprise grants, Technology research, Career and technical education grants, The Environmental management program (can't be saving any energy, we gor wars to fight over oil), the Center for Disease Control, Passenger rail service, and the Land and Water Conservation state grants program.

All of those cuts in support of the the Republican's war disgust me. We trade what is good about our contry for what is evil.

End the war NOW. Impeach these bastards and hunt down every last penny they've stolen.

Time to save America, Patriots!

Captain America! Where are you now that we really need you?



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