Saturday, March 17, 2007

Honorable Men

One of the "fired" former prosecutors is calling for the Bush Administration to "quit lying" about the firings.

Cummins is a unique case of the eight prosecutors, since the Justice Department has admitted that he was dismissed for no other reason than to give former aide to Karl Rove, Timothy Griffin, a job.
...TPM Muckraker

"When they made the decision to lie about th

ese seven people to Congress, that's
when the trouble started," he said.. Cummins added that if the Justice
Department were to retract the statements that the others were fired for
deficiencies in performance, "I'll disappear."

So Bud Cummins will just go away and leave them alone if the Bush Administration will just quit lying?
Guess he's in it for the long haul!

It looks like many lifelong republicans are disowning their party. Who can blame them?
Now here's a note from an honorable man who was serving General Petraeus in Iraq:

Thanks for telling me it was a good day until I briefed you. [Redacted name] --
You are only interested in your career and provide no support to your staff --
no msn [mission] support and you don't care. I cannot support a msn that leads
to corruption, human right abuses and liars. I am sullied -- no more. I didn't
volunteer to support corrupt, money grubbing contractors, nor work for
commanders only interested in themselves. I came to serve honorably and feel
dishonored. I trust no Iraqi. I cannot live this way.

Col. Ted Westhusing

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