Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fine by me

Ok, here's the deal. I think GWB43 is going to be impeached. I am now of the opinion that George W. Bush will not finish his term of office... Nor will Dick Cheney,,,Nor will any number of other Bush Administration officials. The over whelming weight of stink is on this White House and nothing is going to stop it from crushing George W. Bush.

To that I say...

"Fine by me!"

There are several reasons I believe this and I could be wrong. It's happened. Rare, but it has happened. But the weight of evidence is becoming too great to ignore, even with the aid and comfort of Bill O'Reilly and Fox News. O'Reilly, I noted this evening, is backing away from unequivocal support of GWB43, and that is very telling.

Will we solve global warming? I don't know. Will GWB43 serve out his term of office? I'm willing to bet he won't. That's a stretch, I know, because it assumes that there are 9 Republican Senators that will be so ashamed by his actions that they will vote with the Democratic majority. What I really believe is that there are at least 9 Republican Senators who will toss GWB43 to the sharks in order to save their own miserable skins. Otherwise, there aren;t enough sharks in the ocean to deal with all the offal that the American People will toss in vengence into the oceans.

I predict an ugly season will come upon America, and it is about time. It's like pumping a septic tank...smelly, ugly, and disgusting, but things flow so much better afterwards.



Tony Snow is Right...

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