Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Gap

The lessons of richard Nixon were not well learned by the Bush White House...Yesterday they released 3000 yes 3000 emails from the Justice Department having to do with the Fired Prosecutor scandal.

The short version of the scandal is that prosecutors who investigated Republican corruption were fired along with prosecutors who refused to announce bogus voter fraud investigations of Democrats just prior to the November elections.

Here's a couple of prime examples but there's plenty more:

"...excellent office evaluations, the biggest political corruption prosecutions
in New Mexico history, a record number of overall prosecutions and a 95 percent
conviction rate."

David Iglesias was fired after telling Senator Pete Domineci he would not file charges against a Democrat before the November elections.

Prosecutor Carol Lam was fired after sending Republican Congressman Duke Cunninham to jail for corruption but before she could bring the rest of her charges which involve Republican Congressmen Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter.

So... The Democratic controlled congress is investigating, as well they should. It appears that the Attorney General of the USA committed purgery while testifying under oath before Congress. even some Republicans are calling for his resignation. Yesterday, president Bush said ,

"Heckuva job, Albert."

Now back to the Justice Department emails. The firings occurred Dec. 7, 2006, and have come to be known as the Pearl Harbor day massacre. So the released emails cover the time period before that date right?

Nope...there's a gap. Rosemary Woods has risen from the grave and erased, not just an 18 minute recording of the goings on in the Oval Office, but all the emails from March 17 to December 4.

here's the bottom line:

There is going to be some kind of impeachment proceeding. there's plenty of evidence and the case is a slam dunk for nearly all the big players. What still has to be done, is to make the case in the public's mind and embarrass enough republican senators into doing the right thing instead of supporting the Bush Crime Family wing of a once great American political party.

All I've got to say about it is,

"Heckuva Job, George!"



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