Thursday, March 29, 2007

What an Interesting world..."Oh Yeah"

I can almost hear Satchmo singing those slightly revised words as we note some very interesting things going on in this Country.

How interesting that A Republican Lawmaker from my home state of Georgia states emphatically that the NRA is pushing bad legislation that would harm the safety of the workplace and infringe on property rights. I believe his exact words were the NRA is "Acting like a hysterical teenaged girl."

So even Republicans are realizing that the gun nuts are gun nuts. The more interesting concept is that Lawmakers who have, up until now, bent over forwards to serve the NRA are waking up to just how destructively crazy the core of the NRA is.

How interesting that
a paid republican conservative columnist whose job was to attack homosexuality for the rabidly rightwing American Family Association now says he's no longer a paid republican conservative columnist for the American Family Association. Why? He just can't take any more Lying, hypocrisy, and hatred.

"How could preachers preach such vehement messages towards gays when it was
clear that the Bible was unclear at best, and silent at worse, on the issue? Why
recklessly condemn a group of individuals? Why fixate on them when your
congregation is knee deep in divorce (Jesus had some pretty clear words on that

...The whole gay issue is no longer about the quest for
the Truth; it is about fear and loathing. It is about shame and sorrow. It is
anything but Christian."

Pam talks to Joe Murray

How interesting that George Bush says Iraqi bloggers say the war is going really swell. And that the bloggers he quotes write just like Karen Hughes. This one from our "It's really hard to bullshit a blogger" Department.

How interesting that the University of Florida refused to give Jeb Bush an honorary degree pointing out that his term had been fairly bad for the University.

How interesting that Mormon students at Brigham Young University are protesting having Vice President Dick Cheney as their commencement speaker.

How interesting that John Edwards has pulled even with Hillary in Iowa.

Oh Yeah, it's all interesting...Sing it Louie!

I hear babies cry, I watch them grow
They'll learn much more, than I'll never know
And I think to myself, what (an Interesting) world

Yes I think to myself, what (an interesting) world.

Oh yeah...



Here are the full lyrics and the streaming audio if you feel like a listen.

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