Thursday, December 02, 2004

I believe that the highest degree of personal growth comes when things are bad. This is a precept of Darwinian theory...

Bad times are a knot hole that only certain entities can pass through.

This is called a "filter" in the textbooks that we don't have too many of here in Tennessee. Anyway, my country is going to be crammed through one of those knotholes, here in a bit. We'll see what makes it through to the other side between now and 2008.

A phenomenon of the recent election is a web site that apologizes to the whole world for the situation in America. We did not do our job and the rest of the world will suffer for a little while until the power of our country is diminished to the point where world events will not hinge on which political party has control over our Military.

It was a close election but it seems to have fallen over the precipice that will give us four more years of anti-environmentalism and war as the tool of first choice in international relations. For this, it is felt by many that we owe the world our apologies and here is the site that has been created. It is a fascinating display of street art as it has become in these times.


And, while we wonder where the real Christians are in America, we are given proof that the ideal of forgiveness still exists in the rest of the world by virtue of this web site:

Some of these are clunky and rough, but some are beautiful and peace giving:


So we are squirming our way through the knothole and what will we get to on the other side? I hope it is a little breathing room...If we don't learn our lesson soon, it will just be another knot hole...only smaller!



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