Saturday, November 19, 2005


Frankly folks, I've seen backstabbing cheerleader moms at a small town redneck highschool behave less childish and catty than the Republicans in the US Congress did last week.

What do you think happens after a Congressman with 37 highly decorated years in the marine Corps come to grips with his conscience and calls for a careful pullout from Iraq? Do the Republican Congressmen act like mature thinking adults or childish corporate prostitutes?

Interestingly, not one single Republican Congressman that called John Murtha a coward has ever served one day in the armed forces of America.

From our "Republicans are Idiots" Department, here's a fair account of the stupidity in the House of Representatives after Congressman John Murtha introduced his resolution. Of course it comes from the British Press and not the American media!

You say you want a Resolution?


OK, So...This blog is often about my view of the natural world so I guess I need to put something in here that's natural...Problem is, there's not much left that is natural. Humans dominate the forces at work on planet Earth. Another way to look at it if the very selfish and self destructive, "It's All about Us, Now!"

That was the subtitle of a book called "The end of Nature" a few years back. I wish that it weren't so damned accurate. The only thing surprising to me is the source of the word...A Scientist from Alabama!

I thought science was illegal in Alabama...

"Thugocracies and other non-democratically accountable governments . . . have no real incentive to create a healthy populace with free markets and therefore free people."

.... John R. Christy, a climatologist who directs the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Global warming is killing hundreds of thousands of people a year..right Now! But it's OK...Most of them are poor. read on:

Killing me softly


I love these mornings we're having... Good freezing temperatures in the 20's (Below Zero if you are a Celsius keeper like me). I've taken the time to watch the dawn come by most mornings this week and I've watched from several different locations. Wednesday morning, driving up Highway 27, was the best so far. The first red light was hitting Walden Ridge at the edge of the Cumberland Plateau, turning the last hanging oak leaves back to glowing red under the sun rise as the full moon set overhead.

I had an appointment to keep two states away. I didn't stop and take the picture. My bad! I keep telling myself,

..."Time is too precious not to waste!"



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  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    It's posts like these that keep me coming back here each day. I happen to agree with your politics, but I first came here for the nature observations. Whatever, don't stop now!