Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Why do you hang around with that sadist?

"Beats me..." said the masochist.

I keep asking myself things like, "Why aren't Republicans really angry at President Bush?"

I mean, isn't it painfully obvious that they've been lied to and manipulated beyond all reason? Can it be that they really all are in an abusive relationship?...And they like it?

Why do Republicans choose ignorance? They do you know! Here, try this little test just to prove it to yourself:

Ask a Republican this question:

"Who was George W. Bush first business partner?"

I will be shocked if any of you receive the correct answer, which is, of course, Salem Bin Laden, Osama's big brother. Let me know what you hear...I'm curious.

And if anyone questions whether Karl Rove is recovering from his near death experience by indictment, The first business day after his cohort in the Whitehouse was charged...Bush announces the appointment of a crazy guy to the Supreme court.

There goes the right to privacy! That's only for big Corporations anyway, Suckers!



Paul Krugman:

"...the long nightmare won't really be over until journalists ask themselves: what did we know, when did we know it, and why didn't we tell the public?"


Aaron McGruder:

"Jesus is black, Ronald Reagan is the devil and the government is lying about 9/11."

Boondocks will be animated on the Cartoon Network:


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