Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monica Gate, or: "I'm pleading with you"

I guess making Bush Administration officials swear to TELL THE TRUTH is decidedly unsporting of the United States Congress.

What's the deal with people refusing to TELL THE TRUTH who work for the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT?

Monica Gooding's attorney says she's gonna plead the Fifth. Monica is the White House Liaison in the Justice Department and that odor wafting from the diseased entrails of the Bush Administration is the pungent smell of "irony". The Fifth Amendment says you can't be forced to give evidence against yourself. We need to remember one thing.

If you haven't committed a crime, you can't plead the Fifth.

Citing the case of poor Scooter Libby, who was found guilty of perjury for lying under oath before Congress and a few other miscellaneous felonies, Monica's lawyer says that his client can't testify under oath if Congress is not going to let her LIE, particularly if Monica told a bunch of whoppers the first time she testified under oath. Telling truth this time around would probably send her to the lengthening line of Republicans wating for their perjury and obstruction of justice cases to be heard in Appeals Court before going on to jail.

This seems even sillier because Monica Gooding is already busted with the release of the Justice Depatment emails showing she attempted to mislead Congress by lying. She lied about the United States Justice Department under Alberto Gonzales being turned into the enforcement wing of the Republican Party.

So now we have the Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States, saying he won't talk if he has to TELL THE TRUTH, and we have Geoorge Bush's White House Cheif of Staff, Karl Rove, saying he won't talk if he has to teTELL THE TRUTH. But to make up for that, Bush said he would make all the Justice Department officials, like Monica Gooding, available to Congress but her lawyer said she isn't gonna talk if she has to TELL THE TRUTH.

Bottom line is this: In the largest mid term purge of Federal Prosecutors in American history, George Bush fired the ones who refused to generate bogus voter fraud investigations just before last November's Elections. Everybody in the Bush Administration who has testified to Congress, including the Attorney General of the United States, lied about it.

I say it's about time someone in the JUSTICE Department grows a soul and simply comes forward under oath and...





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