Monday, November 10, 2008

Bush Flips Off the Planet on his way Out the Door...

We have gotten used to the bad news late Friday press releases of the Bush administration. They announce the worst of the worst of the bad news or their latest despicable act when it is too late to make the evening news on Fridays so that very few people have maintained their outrage through the weekend until Monday. This time Bush went beyond even that...

Knowing that their policies would be vociferously repudiated a tteh polls...They announced that they will sell oil drilling rights to the viewshed of Arches National Monument and they announced this horrible act on election day. So add to one of the most beautiful places on the planet, not just America, roads and oil rigs to what you'll see when you visit.

Bush also plans to drill Canyonlands National Park and Dinosaur National Monument...And for what? A pittance of oil, a few more fotunes for rich friends, and a destroyed pristine environment for all time.

These people are beyond sick. Republicans put tax incentives on the worst of the worst gas guzzlers and cry that the moral thing to do is "Drill, baby, Drill"? I have seen Dinosaur and was touched beyond words. I rode mountain bikes with my young family on the trail throught BLM land that followed dinosaur tracks, yes, dinosaur tracks, over the slick rock to an overlook in one of the Arches natural cathedrals. There are some places on earth that are sacred and it is up to the best of humanity to protect them from the worst of humanity.

We now have a clear picture of what the worst of humanity looks like and we have voted it out of power. Can we stop it's maddened destruction as it slinks out the door into banishment?




  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    This "worst of humanity" president has: appointed more women and minorities to cabinet level posts and other positions than any other president in history.

    Has given more aid to African nations and more funds to the battle against aids than any other president.

    Lets get off the hate Bush bandwagon and move on.

  2. As soon as Bush quits doing insanely bad things, I will quit bashing him.

    And don't get me started on the Bush programs to combat AIDS...Sure there was a bunch of money, but no condoms or birth control advice. Even more people die while mor emoney is spent. Stupidty piled upon insanity...

  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    whatever........the worst of humanity is the nazi's who gassed over three million people,Pol Pot who slaughtered millions,Al Quaeda who murdered over three million people in the US, Sadam Hussein who set up tortue and rape prisons and chemical plants to slaughter his own people. George Bush doesnt even come close.
    Also, I have traveled to India, Thialand, Nepal, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Russia, Eastern Europe, Jordan, Isreal, and Egypt.
    The United States of America, has cleaner air, water, and environment then all of those countries put together.
    Steve you should get out of the woods more often because you cannot see the forest through the trees.

    Minnesota Nice

  4. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Oh look, the BushBots came to whine.

    George Bush has killed over one Million innocent people in Iraq, including 4189 of our finest citizens. And for nothing but a few contracts, Israel and personal revenge.

    George W. Bush is every bit the monster Pol Pot was.
    I can't wait until that fucking puke and his Satanic family is rotting in hell where they belong. He's the biggest disgrace this nation has ever suffered.

    Justice would see him spend the rest of his life in prison for the abominable crimes of treason and murder he's committed.

  5. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Sorry, can't let it go...

    "Al Quaeda who murdered over three million people in the US"

    What kind of idiot writes something like this? As though anyone at this blog is stupid enough to believe such a thing.
    This is actually the first time I've heard this particular lie. Even the whale shit at Free Republic haven't stooped this low.

    What a complete and total sock puppet moron. I hope you love the smell of Bush's asshole because you obviously spend plenty of time there.

  6. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Your command of the english language, or lack of ability to use it, only proves to show that you obviously flunked dabate. There are words that have more then four letters. Mister Webster showed us that when he wrote his dictionary.

    Mrs. Robinson

  7. Anonymous6:32 PM

    "George W. Bush is every bit the monstor Pol Pot was." What kind of weed do you people smoke in Roane County? Earth to Captain are obviously hallucinating.

  8. Anonymous6:46 PM


    Did you know Al Qaida killed over 3 Million people in America? I just learned that today.

    George Bush is a piece of shit traitor just like his supporters.

    God, you people are a disease.

  9. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Three thousand people, you moron. Obviously a typo...and by the way. my daughter was one of the ones injured that don't talk to me in that tone of voice, you despicable, moronic kool aid drinker! Were you one of the 40% who did not graduate from high school in Roane County?

  10. Ok, Ok...Stopit!

    Anon, You miss the point of the post. W is trying to finish off his legacy of worst president ever, by screwing up the country on his way out the door. He could never had gotten away with this even six months ago, as even Republicans would have rebelled. Utah is a red state after all.

    It's like a mean little kid stomping on the toys and trying to break them as he's being sent away for not playing well with others.

    And speaking of not playing well with others, anon, tone it down or go away.

  11. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Hey Steve..........anon didn't start it, Captain Kona (aka Captain Kool Aid) did with his filthy language. I would have hoped you stopped it after his first post. Like the media in this country you seem to give your buddies a pass, even when they are wrong and out of line.
    Somehow you allow Captain Kool Aid to repeatedly attack and vilify those who disagree with him.
    Shame on you.

  12. Ok, Anon...

    Kona! Bad boy. You are a good contributer who steps over the line from time to time.

    Anon...Go away. You don't contribute anything except talking points. If you want to stay,, come up with something thoughtful and original and maybe on topic as well.

    So there...

  13. Anonymous7:53 PM

    No, I did not miss the point of the post, In fact, I agree with you. What I objected to was your continual bashing (i.e worst of humanity) language. I did not vote for Mr. Obama, however he will be my president as well as yours.

    I do not understand why you and that filthy mouthed Captain whats his name are so vile. Can't you just agree to disagree and be civil.

  14. Anonymous8:01 PM

    So there...

    I did not make the 7:40 post.

  15. Anonymous8:10 PM

    If you want people to go away you shouldn't have a public forum. You are like a kid who doesn't like the way the game is being played so you take your ball and go home.

  16. Anonymous8:15 PM



    The next four years are going to be so much fun.

  17. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Hey Steve,

    I know your not used to so many hits on your blog in one day........I am not the anon who had the first post, I'm the other anon, the PAID TROLL---ooops, the CONCERNED TROLL----remember....grow up Steve. Public forum, you started it, I'll go away when I feel up to it, in the meantime, just enjoy the fact that your blog has some activity. It's been pretty dead in here for awhile.
    I don't know who the other anon is......but I like her/him.

  18. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Captain Koolaid.........oh yes they are!

  19. Anonymous9:15 PM

    You betcha! The LOLmeter is definately on. I LOL'd when the marxist from Chicago was elected.