Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Gay Agenda

I realize I live in East Tennessee and all that this implies. Things change slowly everywhere and at roughly the same pace. It merely depends on which rung of the ladder you start on, as to how long it takes you to reach the top. Every step has to be touched on the way up.

It saddens me to chat with folks who tell me they vote for president based on abortion or gay marriage...What stupid issues. First of all, they are religious dogma flowing from fundamental christian thought or lack thereof (believe it or not, most Christians don't think this way), where certain groups of people want to force their own religious tenets on others. The biblical justification is tenuous at best, and I like to say that I believe that we should do exactly what Jesus said regarding homosexuals, which is absolutely nothing. People make their own choices and nobody forces anybody to choose gay. Second of all, our children's future has very little to do with these divisive wedge issues. On a list of issues that America needs to face for the gratest good for the greatest number, these fall somewhere on the fourth page, if that.

People have to wake up and face their own prejudices and start making good decisions about what really matters. They have to do it one human at a time as they come to realize the truth about the gay agenda...There isn't one.

It's just people wanting what people should have in a just society.

So people change as they climb the ladder of self examination. Here is an inspiring post from someone who recognized their own moment of change.

There is no 'gay agenda' there are people, people who want to get married. They want a damned certificate that says they are bound forever. But we wont give them that, because we are afraid our children will be gay? Are you serious!?

Homophobia has the same genesis as racism...It's all about fear.

Please don't be afraid.



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  1. I think Kieth Olbermanns "special comment" the other night, was fabulous. He made me ashamed, for all the people that can't get past this issue of the heart, as he put it.
    So many people, with so much fear. Can't we all just move on with our, own lives, and let it be.