Sunday, January 24, 2010



  1. Just out of curiosity, did you have to submit to complete body scan or tap-down in airports during your last plane trip? And did you put up with it? Did you submit to it willingly? Did you feel that all plane passengers are considered guilty until they prove their innocence by being patted down, searched, questionned and scanned?

  2. I did submit to a full body pat down. The agent that performed it was polite and told me what was to happen and asked my permission before touching me. This is something that I personally am totally willing to undergo under the current circumstances.

  3. Sorry, Whites Creek. Didn't want you to think Canada is so much better. As your neighbor country to the north, Canada is showing signs of a sick democracy too. As you know, we have a Prime Minister instead of President, and a House of Commons and Senate instead of House of Representatives and Senate. Our Prime Minister has prorogued Parliament twice within a year, which basically means he governs Canada all by himself until the end of the Olympics.

    Here's from "Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says it's a lot easier for the government to operate without Parliament in session. "As a minister, I often get more done when the House is not in session,"(...)"

    Now, is that scary, or what?