Wednesday, May 21, 2008

13 More Days

Interesting stuff watching the Hillary supporters parse yesterday's primary results. Some of it is factual, some of it is stretching the truth and some of it is just plain not true.

Clinton overwhelmingly won Kentucky, but the Kentucky pledged delegate count for Obama gave him the majority. In plain speak, Kentucky won it for Obama.

Obama won Oregon, an overwhelmingly white working class state, by double digits. The delegates awarded will pad Obama's count. At this point he only needs 64 delegates of any sort to have the 2025 needed. he will pick up delegates today as the results from both primaries get counted more closely. (they hold back awarding all delegates until the vote is certified). Oregon has 52 pledged delegates.

I don't count fudging the facts as an actual lie. Hillary's surrogates are yammering this morning about her having won 4 of the last 7 primaries and that is actually true. But if Anyone nods their head in agreement, it says more about their lack of critical thinking skills than the lies of the Clinton campaign. Obama won 7 of the last 11 primaries, so by the same reasoning...The Super Delegates should overwhelmingly back Obama and as a matter of fact a majority have declared their intention to do so.

At this point, Hillary Clinton can NOT win the Democratic Primary. She would need more than 100% of the remaining delegates. She is behind in Pledged delegates and Super-delegates. She keeps on stating that she is ahead in the popular vote but that just plain isn't true.

In order for Hillary to be ahead in popular vote, you have to count Michigan and Florida, which she has signed a pledge not to count. You also have to give Obama ZERO popular votes in Michigan, which is bogus at best since his name was not on the ballot and Clinton's was because she violated her pledge to have it removed.

Even bigger than the Florida and Michigan thing, is Hillary's failure to count all the Caucus states that Obama won. How does her statement that "every vote must count" seem to you when she refuses to count the votes she doesn't like?

Obama is now saying really nice things about Hillary Clinton, even as she continues to denigrate his victory.

In my heart I have lost a good bit of that warm feeling I always had for Hillary. What I want most of all for my country is an honest electoral process with candidates who have a personal ethical regard for the truth and media who have a clue what that is. When a candidate is elected I want to feel like I will be given the facts and not lied to for whatever convenient reasons, and the Iraq war and non-existent weapons of mass destruction and Saddam's non-existent responsibility for 9-11 and all the other just plain lies we have been told by George W. Bush and his pack of thieves are clear illustration of why being told the truth is important in America.

Most of all, this election cycle has shown me that the majority of Americans want to be told the truth. Hillary Clinton still can't bring herself to do that, and as a result, Barack Obama has won the Democratic nomination for Presidency.



One more thing...In a voice vote of the audience taken by David Letterman yesterday, Barack Obama "soundly" defeated Hillary Clinton AND John McCain.

OK, TWO more things...All primaries will be over two weeks from yesterday. I suspect Clinton will not drop out but will continue, all the way to the convention, because she can still raise money to repay her campaign debt, over $10 Million of which she loaned herself. I would be highly suspect of fundraising efforts by Clinton at this point.

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