Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Bird Blogging

One of my Nature Conservancy scientist friends was visiting last Saturday with a group of folks sitting on the deck. As we were talking, the birds were noisily carrying on in the fresh green canopy and one sound stood out a bit...A joyous squeaking call from an invisible source.

"That's a Black and White Warbler," said my friend in response to the sound. "We hear them a lot but don't see them that much."

At that point in my life I had seen exactly one, ever, and that was only for a few seconds while sitting in the woods in the South Carolina mountains. Monday night I saw a mystery bird and went out to try to get a decent shot of it, which I didn't. They just don't seem to want to cooperate. That bird was the yellow throat warbler I posted earlier, but while I was waiting for the yellow throat to sit still, up popped this black and white warbler, posing nicely.

Eyeball to eyeball, he's an intimidating little beast, eh?


  1. Yikes! Pretty scary....looks kinda reptilian.

  2. we r waiting for flamingo birds in solapur also

  3. Great photos! I wish I were better at identifying birds (something happens in my brain when confronted with Peterson's pix -- I just can't connect what I've seen to anything on the page). We've had some very odd and different birds coming through this spring.

  4. Obviously nothing is as simple as Black and White. There are bound to be some gray areas in there somewhere.