Saturday, May 17, 2008

News of the Week

Nope...Not the Edwards endorsement. This goes to a fundamental flaw in Democracy at this point in time, the stranglehold that corporate media has on the dissemination of information...News, if you will:

The Senate voted Thursday night to nullify a Federal Communications Commission rule that allows media companies to own a newspaper and a TV station in the same market.

And this:

"At this watershed moment, public outrage against Big Media has reached a breaking point. The Bush administration's threats to undercut this bipartisan effort in Congress show how out of touch this president is with the will of the American people. But we’re not going to stand idly by and let the White House green light Big Media's expansion. The great pendulum of political change is swinging away from corrosive consolidation and toward better media."

This one hits close to home:

Dan Rolling, CEO of National Coal, personally stands to make millions if the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Bill fails, but he's only got until Dec. 31, 2008 to pull it off.

Hey, can't let the economic future of several counties, like Fentress, or Oneida, or the environment of The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area stand in the way of a guy getting filthy rich, right?


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  1. Guys like Rolling oughta be kneecapped.