Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quote of the Day

"...when you put a large bunch of bozos in boots and uniforms and give them the
authority to be assholes --- some of them will inevitably be assholes."

What Digby Said

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  1. Thanx for turning me on to that blog. A well written piece.

    "The good news (unless you are one) is that so far, they are mostly just fucking with foreigners:"

    Practice makes perfect, no?

    Blackwater Security. Think they went to Iraq just for the money? They wanted the combat experience too.
    Three guesses what for.


    Those baby killing bitches will turn their guns on us first chance they get.
    They did it in NO and they're ready to do it again.
    This will get far worse before it gets better if the likes of Clinton or McCain ever make it to the white house.

    Fascism: It's not just a conspiracy theory any more.