Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nature R Not Us

Taking the cover off the boat, we noticed this little guy. His colors would match up to a lichen if he were on a tree, but he had decided to take up residence in the pool of water formed by a depression in the canvas cover. I think this is a Gray tree frog and probably a Cope's but I don't know for sure. Whatever he is, the top of a ski boat cover is an unreliable spot to meet girls...But then they all are. it's tough out there when the natural world is un-natural.

And now the big day has arrived...

The Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic Party meets today, hoping to come to a resolution on the question of what to do about the Florida and Michigan Primaries which, by their own rules, are not supposed to count.
Hillary Clinton's representatives voted to make sure they didn't count...Then she lost the Primary contest. Now they are crapping on the whole process and want everything their way, fair or not.

"It's not fair to not reward people whose vote was not supposed to count," they say. But as most people point out, those two primaries are not a fair assessment of how the people would have voted if they had known the rules would be changed.

Josh Marshall: was widely reported and understood in both Florida and Michigan that the results of these primaries would not be counted. And based on that knowledge, large numbers of voters in both states simply didn't participate.

If the DNC were now to turn around and decide to make these contests count after all, these non-participating voters would be disenfranchised no less than the people who did turn out would be if the DNC sticks to the rules and doesn't seat any of the delegates. The simple fact is that large numbers of people, acting on accurate knowledge and in good faith, decided that there wasn't a real primary being held in their state on the day in question and on that basis decided not to participate.

The simple fact is that as many as 1.5 MILLION voters will disenfranchised if the rules get changed and the credibility of the DNC will be seriously undermined by the actions of the Clinton campaign.

Perhaps that is the Clinton's ultimate goal...To join the Republican Neo-Conservative elite in destroying Democracy in America.


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