Monday, May 12, 2008

From our "Elected Republicans are Just Plain Snots" Dept...

Republicans in Congress have changed their minds on whether there should be a "Mother's Day"...A curious thing about elected Republicans and Mothers noted over at It's not just their own mothers...It's Mothers in general, and it's not good.

It seems that Republicans will do just about anything to get their way, including screaming bi-partisanship, which in the whacko selfish world of the Elephant caucus means, "The GOP gets its way and screw everyone else."

I am reminded of the little kid who sees a classmate with two cookies his mom gave him for lunch and says, "Hey...You're supposed to share." The other child dutifully gives away one of his cookies to the mean little kid who promptly gobbles it up, looks at the other kid who has the one remaining cookie and says, "Hey...You're supposed to share!"

In the case of the Republican Caucus in Congress, the creepiness is compounded. When they are refused more than their fair share, they knock your cookie out of your hands into the dirt, and run away home, calling your mother bad names.

The Republican Caucus was in such a snotfest, trying to keep the Democratic Majority elected by the American people from getting its work done, that Republicans even tried to change their votes and vote against Mother's Day.

Chattanooga Congressman Zach Wamp was one of the 178 republicans who did that and I wonder what his mother said to him when she found out? I'll bet it was something like...

"Zach Wamp, I love you very much and at this moment, I am not proud of you... I raised you better than that."

Peace, Zach.


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