Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hillary is now becoming the Vast right wing conspiracy.

This bums me out. Every time I'm asked I say that if Clinton wins the nomination I will support her, but Damn, she is making that harder by the minute. She seems to be turning into everything I detest about Conservative republican self justification for mean and nasty business.

It is one thing to campaign on your strengths and downplay your weaknesses while making big noises about the weaknesses of your opponent. It is another thing altogether to make shit up, or to repeat things that you know are not true, just because these lies serve your purposes.

If you require that kind of tactic to win...You are not worthy!

Hillary! I'm Talking to you...


  1. From Susan:

    I thought that was an interesting article by Peter Dreier. I thought
    I recognized the name---he's married to an old family friend from
    Natchez named Terry Meng. Small world, ain't it?

    Hopefully, the American public has become more questioning about the
    distortions and outright lies that are coming from the media and the
    Hillary people. It's been a long, hard road for a lot of people in
    this country and they've bought into this bullshit for too long. I
    am hopeful.

  2. At this point, I'm thinking of writing myself in rather than voting. This campaign is the nastiest mess I've EVER seen in my lifetime.

  3. Vote for Hillary? Not a chance. Not since South Carolina.

    There is something else here: the leadership of the Democratic party is desperately in need of change. Big time. That's not going to happen with Clinton Redux in the White House.