Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why Ted Kennedy will be difficult to Replace

The policy of "shoot first, ask questions later" took us into an unjustified war, and without a clear concept of what "winning the war" actually means.

President Bush constantly talks about the "progress" that is being made in Iraq against the insurgency, but he's looking for good news with a microscope. All anyone can see is "Mission Mis-accomplished" and the continuing losses of American lives, the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqis, the torture scandal, and the ominous decline in our nation's moral authority in the world community.

Senator Ted Kennedy, June 7, 2005

Not one thing has changes in three years, except that Ted Kennedy is ill.

I wish him and his family the comfort they deserve in this difficult time.



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  1. Ted Kennedy will be hard to replace. A pile of manure that big could take a whole herd of goats weeks to recreate.