Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Frame and the Hatchet

We are watching one of the great political hatchet jobs of all time, as the corporate media do the evil work of Republicans and attempt to turn Barack Obama into an object of fear. Unfortunately, the media creeps are what we ourselves let them be, due our ignorance, failure to uphold the standards of truth, and personal cowardice. Why do we let people lie to us while we nod our heads in affirmation, yet all the while knowing they are lying?

I can not decide which is greater, our mockery of human decency?... Or our bald faced Hypocrisy?

We rant about family values and gays, which have no mention in the Ten commandments, no matter which version you claim, and applaud the repeated violation of "Thy shalt not bear false witness...", which is prominent and possibly foremost, since lying enables all other sins.

Barack Hussein Obama is nearly pure. There is very little to attack in order to generate the fear necessary for Conservatives to win the presidency in November. Their minions are not motivated by love or a caring nature, but only fear and loathing, and possibly greed, though that seems to be limited to the higher eschelons of conservative bigotry.

Each of our three remaining presidential contenders associates with religious leaders. Obama has now rejected the worst of his former pastor's rantings, while still affirming his love for the man and his respect for all the good that Jeremiah Wright has done in his lifetime. What more Christian act could Barack Obama do than that?

Obama has clung whole heartedly to his principles, as Republicans and the Clinton Campaign attempt to make him a martyr for the very goodness that we claim to want in our highest leader, Few religious leaders can compare in creepiness with the smarmy charm and vileness of a Reverend Hagee, whose support John McCain welcomes. Nor has Hillary Clinton's membership in "The Family", a group that claims to have pushed her "to the right" been examined to any great length. But Obama get's hammered because he hasn't "repudiated" his former pastor enough?

Give me a Break!

The real question here, is whether we will sit here as an electorate and accept the framing and lies we are being fed.

I know I won't.




I wrote a bit about the travesty of the Tellico Dam, the famous snail darter, and Congressional skulduggery in passing a law that says this particular endangrerd species is hereby NOT endangered, by act of Congress. There was much more at stake than that fish:

The Cherokee Indians had been working with our coalition right along, so then they filed a constitutional lawsuit against the dam based on violation of Native American religious rights (Congress can’t amend away constitutional claims). But the Cherokees’ appeal came up one vote short in the 6th circuit, the Supreme Court denied our petition for certiorari, and the river finally died. David Scates tells a sad story, of watching as the water came up. There was a budding rosebush at the edge of the river as the impoundment backed up, and as the sunlight filtered down through the two feet of cold clear water that had drowned it, for the last time its flowers blossomed, staying there for a few days, under water. He told us, ‘I cried, seeing the blossoms open under the water as it came up.’”

Also interesting in this saga was the part a swimming rabbit played in helping the Corporate Media make Jimmy Carter look foolish and weakening him to the point that he could not veto the legislation that murdered the Little Tennessee River:

For those with a lot of time to kill, here is a strong compendium of personal diaries by environmentalists. You may find that they are intelligent and excellent writers:

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