Thursday, May 22, 2008

Obama Veep?

Hillary Clinton is down in Florida trying to destroy the Democratic party if she's not given what she wants.

At this point, no rational or honest human being could actually make the case she's making. Frankly, no rational human being can even understand what she's blathering about, but speculation is that she wants the Veep spot, now that she's lost the nomination for Number 1. How can you make the claim that you are even worthy of the Vice Presidency when you violate a pledge that you yourself worked to put in place and signed along with all the other Democratic Presidential Hopefuls?

Obama did the honorable thing and honored the pledge he signed not to participate in Florida of Michigan primaries. He did the wrong thing in trusting Hillary Clinton, and now Hillary is trying to make the case that he withdrew his name from the Michigan ballot and should receive no votes from that state's primary and that she should get all the votes because Obama trusted Hillary and that's his problem because she couldn't be trusted!

I cannot overemphasize how disappointed in Hillary Clinton I am. I have been a long time defender of the Clintons. Now that she is doing everything she can to poison the water for Barack Obama...I'm over it. Nothing has made my error more clear than Hillary's attempts at destroying her party simply because she can't have it her way.

Let's not put aside that by acting the way she has, misrepresenting both the Democratic process and her part in making it the way it is, she clearly demonstrates her lack of fitness for the position.

So if not Hillary as Veep, who?

I want Richardson for his talents as well as his demographics, but there is evidence that I might not get my way.

Susan has the scoop!


  1. Barring a change of heart from Edwards, it gets complicated.

    Richardson is the most qualified.

    Wes Clark? Pelosi?

    As long as it's not a DLC (Democratic Liar's Club) jelly-spine, it should be ok.

    He'll probably choose a white Southern male, which would be wise.

    Mark Warner?

    This will be a tough decision, I hope he makes a wise one.

  2. I, too, support Richardson for Veep, but when this rumor was passed along to me, I found it made sense. Edwards would be the link to working class white America.

    However, I still want Richardson as Veep, Edwards as Attorney General, and Biden as Secretary of State. I used to want Hillary on the Supreme Court but I'm starting to change my mind about that.